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UX/UI & Web Designer

Webflow Expert and Shopify developer.

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My recent projects
Who is breno

A little about me

My name is Breno Daroz, UI/UX Designer from Brazil.I have more than 10 years of experience in the webdesign field, 5 of those being UX/UI focused, and more recently specializing in tools like Webflow and Shopify.

As a freelancer I have a specific focus on creating websites and ecommerce stores.With the constant goal of keeping a high quality both in visuals and user experience, I have been consistently working with clients and helping them to create wonderful digital experiences.

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Recent work

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Yes, We Grow

Shopify, Frontend, UX/UI Design
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Yes, We Grow is a company with the mission of facilitating the cultivation of plants in urban environments.

My job with them was to improve the performance of the virtual store on Shopify, as well as to redesign all the pages, freeing them from dependence on “Drag and Drop” applications that greatly affected the speed of loading and general conversion of ecommerce.

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Maria Genesis

Shopify, Frontend, UX/UI Design
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Maria Genesis is the brand of tattoo artist Diego Jolly from Maringá - Brazil.

Diego came to me because he wanted an ecommerce to start selling some of his art online, initially paintings of the highest quality. The store was made on Shopify with integration of receipts by Pagseguro.

More projects

Check out my Dribbble for more designs and UI/UX concepts.

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My Services

Ways I can help you

Building a custom

I am also a frontend developer (HTML, CSS & JS).Recently I work exclusively with Webflow for creating websites.

Creating a
Shopify Store

I can help you to create a custom ecommerce for your specific needs and make sure that it is optimized for perfomance and good design.

Helping with
UX/UI Design

Improvements in experience and visuals of your app with UI/UX design. I solve complex problems with design, so you can reach your goals.

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